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摘要 : 五、2014年完形填空 Thinner isn&t always better. A number of studies have  1  that normal-weight people are in fact at higher risk of some diseases compared to those who are overweight. And there are health conditions for which being overweight is actually  2 .For example, heavier women are...


Thinner isn't always better. A number of studies have  1  that normal-weight people are in fact at higher risk of some diseases compared to those who are overweight. And there are health conditions for which being overweight is actually  2 .For example, heavier women are less likely to develop calcium deficiency than thin women. 3  among the elderly, being somewhat over weight is often an  4  of good health.

Of even greater  5  is the fact that obesity turns out to be very difficult to define. It is often defined  6  body mass index, or BMI. BMI  7  body mass divided by the square of height. An adult with a BMI of 18> to 25 is often considered to be normal weight. Between 25 and 30 is overweight. And over 30 is considered obese. Obesity,  8 , can be divided into moderately obese, severely obese, andvery severely obese.

While such numerical standards seem  9 , they are not. Obesity is probably less a matter of weight than body fat. Some people with a high BMI are in fact extremely fit,  10 , others with a low BMI may be in poor  11 .For example, many collegiate and professional football players  12  as obese, though their percentage body fat is low. Conversely, someone with a small frame may have high body fat but a  13  BMI.

Today we have a(an)  14 , to label obesity as a disgrace. The overweight are some-times  15  in the media with their faces covered. Stereotypes  16  with obesity include laziness, lack of will power, and lower prospects for success. Teachers, employers, and health professionals have been shown to harbor biases against the obese.  17 , very young children tend to look down on the overweight, and teasing about body build has long been a problem in schools.

Negative attitudes toward obesity,  18 , in health concerns, have stimulated a number of anti-obesity  19 .My own hospital system has banned sugary drinks from its facilities. Many employers have instituted weight loss and fitness initiatives. Michelle Obama has launched a high-visibility campaign  20  child hood obesity, even claiming that it represents our greatest national security threat.

1. A. denied

B. concluded

C. doubled

D. ensured

2. A. protective

B. dangerous

C. sufficient

D. troublesome

3. A. Instead

B. However

C. Likewise

D. Therefore

4. A. indicator

B. objective

C. origin

D. example

5. A. impact

B. relevance

C. assistance

D. concern

6. A. in terms of

B. in case of

C. in favor of

D. in respect of

7. A. measures

B. determines

C. equals

D. modifies

8. A. in essence

B. in contrast

C. in turn

D. in part

9. A. complicated

B. conservative

C. variable

D. straightforward

10. A. so

B. while

C. since

D. unless

11. A. shape

B. spirit

C. balance

D. taste

12. A. start

B. qualify

C. retire

D. stay

13. A. strange

B. changeable

C. normal

D. constant

14. A. option

B. reason

C. opportunity

D. tendency

15. A. employed

B. pictured

C. imitated

D. monitored

16. A. compared

B. combined

C. settled

D. associated

17. A. Even

B. Still

C. Yet

D. Only

18. A. despised

B. corrected

C. ignored

D. grounded

19. A. discussions

B. businesses

C. policies

D. studies

20. A. for

B. against

C. with

D. without



[文章大意]文章首段提出比較新穎的觀點,即正常體重的人事實上在某些疾病上有更高的患病風險,而超重卻恰恰起到了保護作用。之后文章介紹了肥胖指數BMI ,接著指出用公式計算的方法看似一目了然,但是實際上并不準確。最后指出人們對肥胖總是存有偏見。出于健康考慮,人們采取了一定的措施預防肥胖。



1. A. denied 否認

B. concluded 總結

C. doubled 翻倍

D. ensured 確保






2. A. protective 保護性的

B. dangerous 危險的

C. sufficient 充足的

D. troublesome 有麻煩的





3. A. Instead 反而

B. However 但是

C. Likewise 同樣,而且

D. Therefore因此




1)結合前文,作者用for example舉例說明較胖的女性缺鈣的比例低于較瘦的女性。然后指出,在老年人中,一定程度上的超重……?梢钥吹角昂蠖荚谂e例證明。所以填入的是和上一句表示順接關系的詞語。Like wise表示“同樣,而且”,填入文中表達的意思是年輕的女性和上了年紀的女性都是相似的結果,符合邏輯,C為正確答案。


4. A. indicator 指標;指示器

B. objective 目標

C. origin 來源

D. example 例子





5. A. impact影響

B. relevance 相關性

C. assistance輔助

D. concern關注




第一段說明了一個問題,即肥胖從某種角度來講是有益的。本段開始就提出肥胖很難鑒定的問題。本句話的句意是:需要更加______的是,很難對肥胖加以定義。所以結合上下文,此處應該是說“注意的是”或“關注的是”。用concern“關注”,符合語境。of concern是一個固定搭配。of后面可以跟很多名詞構成詞組,表示該名詞的形容詞含義,而且of和名詞之間可以加上某些形容詞,表達更加強烈的感情,比如強調。此處of great erconcern中great用了比較級是因為前文出現了值得關注的問題,這里表明更加令人關注的是……。故選項D為正確答案。

6. A. in terms of 根據……,就……而言

B. in case of 倘若,萬一

C. in favor of 贊成

D. in respect of 鑒于……




1)前文說,我們很難對肥胖加以定義。此處指的是以何種標準定義肥胖。顯然空格后面的body mass index是一個標準或參考,肥胖就是據此定義的。所以用in terms of表示“根據……,就……而言”,故選項A為正確答案。

2)in case of表示“倘若,萬一”,后面搭配BMI指數,語意不通;in favor of表示“贊成”,下定義是客觀的,不能夠根據喜好來定義;in respect of表示“鑒于……”,與interms of相比顯得牽強,不通順,因此這三個選項都可排除。

7. A. measures 測量

B. determines 確定

C. equals 等于

D. modifies 修訂





8. A. in essence 事實上,實際上

B. in contrast 相反地

C. in turn 依次;分別

D. in part 部分地




根據空格后面的內容可知,此處把肥胖分成輕度肥胖、中度肥胖和重度肥胖,可用in turn“依次;分別”表示肥胖依次被分為若干程度,符合語境。故選項C為正確答案。在分類之前加上in turn就可以很明確地分類,一一對應,不會混為一談。

9. A. complicated 復雜的

B. conservative 保守的

C. variable 變化的

D. straightforward 直截了當的,很清楚的




上段指出,肥胖指數可以由一個簡單的公式表示。此處while表示“雖然”,有委婉的轉折之意,空格后面的they are not表示并非那么簡單。因此該句意為:盡管這樣的數字標準看起來是一目了然的,實際上不然。straight for ward表示“直截了當的,很清楚的”,符合文意,故選項D為正確答案。

10. A. so 所以

B. while 而,然而

C. since 既然

D. unless 除非




1)Some people和空格后的others形成了明顯的對比關系,說明一些人有很高的BMI,實際上身材正好,而其他人BMI指數較低,可能……。因此選擇B項while“而,然而”。


11. A. shape 外形,體形

B. spirit 精神

C. balance 均衡

D. taste 品味,口味




結合上下文,前后兩種情況形成對比?崭袼诰淇珊喕癁椋篠ome...are fit, while others...maybe in poor...,前面的fit表示體形剛好,而in poor...就應該表示體形不好。shape表示“外形,(人的)體形”,in good shape或者in bad shape是很地道的說法,形容一個人身材好壞,中間還可以換其他形容詞表達其他的身材或形狀,這里in poor shape和前面的fit相對應,表示對比,故選項A為正確答案。

12. A. start 開始

B. qualify 可算作;有資格

C. retire 退休

D. stay 處于(一種狀態)





13. A. strange 奇怪的

B. changeable 可變的

C. normal 正常的

D. constant 不變的





14. A. option 選擇

B. reason 原因

C. opportunity 機會

D. tendency 傾向




根據此句中的...as a disgrace可知,我們把肥胖看作一種恥辱。這應該是當前的一種傾向,have a tendency to do sth. 意為“往往,傾向于”,故選項D為正確答案。

15. A. employed 利用,使用

B. pictured 刊登……的照片;刻畫

C. imitated 模仿

D. monitored 控制





16. A. compared 與……相比的

B. combined 與……相結合的

C. settled 確定下來的

D. associated 與……相關的




空格所在句的意思是:與肥胖______的成見包括懶惰、缺乏意志力以及對成功的期望值不高。懶惰、缺乏意志力和對成功的期望值不高都是與肥胖相關的表現。所以用associated“與……相關的”。這里associated with...為過去分詞短語,作主語stereotypes的后置定語。


17. A. Even 甚至

B. Still 仍然是

C. Yet 然而

D. Only 僅僅,只不過





18. A. despised 歧視

B. corrected 改正

C. ignored 忽略

D. grounded 基于……





19. A. discussions 討論,議論

B. businesses 商業

C. policies 政策,策略

D. studies 研究,學習




結合上下文,前面指出考慮到健康問題,出現了一些反肥胖的______?蘸蟮木渥映霈F了banned sugary drinks、weight loss and fitness initiatives、high-visibility campaign等,都是與策略、措施相關的關鍵信息。所以用policies表示不同的人或機構采取的一些舉措,所以選項C為正確答案。

20. A. for 對于

B. against 反對

C. with 和

D. without 沒有












In our contemporary culture, the prospect of communicating with—or even looking at—a stranger is virtually unbearable. Everyone around us seems to agree by the way they cling to their phones, even without a  1  on a subway.

It's a sad reality—our desire to avoid interacting with other human beings—because there's  2  to be gained from talking to the stranger standing by you. But you wouldn't know it,  3  into your phone. This universal protection sends the  4 :“Please don't approach me.”

What is it that makes us feel we need to hide  5  our screens?

One answer is fear, according to Jon Wortmann, executive mental coach. We fear rejection, or that our innocent social advances will be  6  as“weird”.We fear we'll be  7 .We fear we'll be disruptive.

Strangers are inherently  8  to us, so we are more likely to feel  9  when communicating with them compared with our friends and acquaintances. To avoid this uneasiness, we  10  to our phones.“Phones become our security blanket,”Wortmann says.“They are our happy glasses that protect us from what we perceive is going to be more  11 .”

But once we rip off the band-aid, tuck our smart phones in our pockets and look up, it doesn't  12  so bad. In one 2011 experiment, behavioral scientists Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder asked commuters to do the unthinkable:Start a  13 .They had Chicago train commuters talk to their fellow  14 .“When Dr.Epley and Ms.Schroeder asked other people in the same train station to  15  how they would feel after talking to a stranger, the commuters thought their  16  would be more pleasant if they sat on their own,”The New York Times summarizes. Though the participants didn't expect a positive experience, after they  17  with the experiment,“nota single person reported having been embarrassed.”

18 , these commuters were reportedly more enjoyable compared with those without communication, which makes absolute sense,  19 , human beings thrive off of social connections. It's that  20 :Talking to strangers can make you feel connected.

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